How to build a brand a solo entrepreneur in Australia

Building the Brand

Transforming a humble idea into a thriving business does not always require a hefty price tag. The beauty of entrepreneurship lies in the power of dreams, and this is something that I hold dear. My journey started with the simple act of listing 10 business ideas that I could potentially pursue. It wasn't until one night that I stumbled upon the perfect concept - selling plush toys as a modern twist on the classic care package.

With no background in starting a business, I drew from my experience in running profitable ventures for others and took a leap of faith. I took a sabbatical from my day job and dedicated the past six months to building my brand and I loved it! I learned how to code and I have created my wesbite. I am proud of my achievement. 

The name and brand wasn't an easy thing to come up with. I spent a lot of time thinking of names and how the concept would fit. I asked friends what they thought and the simple ideas of love, boxes, and who we wanted to delight led me towards the name we settled upon. Love In A Box To You is more than just a name; it encompasses our entire business process. Our customers purchase an toy that they (LOVE), packaged in a (BOX), and we send it to (YOU), resulting in LOVE IN A BOX TO YOU.

Yellow is the colour of choice for our signature packaging because it brings me back to so many fond memories in my life. From the paint in my childhood study area to the iconic pedestrian signages and taxis in New York City, yellow symbolizes happiness, nostalgia and it reminds me of my mother. 

Personally, I feel that creating Love In A Box To You gave me the creative outlet I thought I didn't need. This turned out to be a passion project, a creative pursuit of what if's that I had tucked in a corner for a long time. I think it revealed a version of me to pursue and believe in testing the limits of what is mundane and routine into an exciting unknown. 

As with any startup, I've had my fair share of challenges. However, I refused to let the pursuit of perfection and lack of knowledge delay my launch. I believe that time, and my customers' feedback will guide me towards the improvements I need to make. Six months after leaving my job, Love In A Box To You finally launched on 28 March 2023. We will be selling the cutest adorable stuffed animal toys in Australia. 

Our mission at Love In A Box To You is simple - to continuously send love, one box at a time. We want to make gift-giving more unique and convenient, and our brand reflects this vision in every way. When you send or receive a Love In A Box To You love bundle, we want you to remember the feeling of what a "Teddy" represents, a symbol of warmth, comfort and affection.

I dared myself to dream wildly and freely, and now my dream is coming to fruition. As the founder and CEO of Love In A Box To You, I am proud to introduce a brand that offers not only adorable plush toys but also an experience that brings joy and happiness to everyone.

Begin again... A new adventure has started.

Teddy Morados -Founder/CEO


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