Finding a unique and hassle free gift idea is tough- we can help!

Our solution is our adorable plush animal stuffed toys perfect as gifts for any occasion. All you need to do is choose a stuffed toy that you love, write a personalised message and we do the rest. Easy and convenient gifting store ever!

Fancy a Mini T- Shirt? 🤔

Get to know Us

We are a 100% Australian owned and operated business. Our role is to "send love one box at a time", our adorable plush stuffed toys make ideal gifts and love bundles for any occasion to your friends, family or significant other.

How It Works

  • order you love in a box to you plush animal stuff toy

    Choose the fluffy stuffed toy that makes your heart 💛 skip a beat.

  • write a personal message included in your care package for free as well as accessories to complete the care package

    Write your personal message to customise your love bundle.

  • Love In A Box To You our company will package and deliver your order via australia post

    Packaged and Delivered by us, Love In A Box To You does the heavy lifting!

Reviews from our Customers.

We would love to hear from you! Tag us @loveinaboxtoyou in your social media posts and reviews. Read what our first customers thought of our brand. 

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  • Need to find a perfect gift for your fiancé or boyfriend try cute animal toys from Love In A Box To You
  • a perfect gift to yourself with our adorable plush animal stuffed toys
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  • Living overseas and wanting to send a gift in Australia. Choose from the adorable collection of plush animal stuffed toy.

The optional extras...

Personlise your care package by adding a yellow rose a heart hug extension candle and a t-shirt

At check-out, complete your love bundle from our variety of options. We have a yellow rose, a candle scented with blood orange and grape, Tim Tams, a variety of coloured t-shirts and a huggable heart extension. Did you know you could send gifts anonymously? Try it out.

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