How Love In A Box To You started in Australia The inspiration of the brand

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LOVEINABOXTOYOU is a start-up based in Canberra Australia and founded on 19 December 2022.

Inspired by the idea of simple gifts, plush animal stuffed toys came to mind. "Plushies by Teddy" is our first LOVE IN A BOX TO YOU product range. 

From the plush animal designs, materials and packaging, we aim to be an example of how gift giving can be offered in a considered way through an online platform.  We hope that Australia is ready for the cutest and most adorable plush animal stuffed toys.  


G’day, my name is Teddy and I am the founder of LOVE IN A BOX TO YOU. Our mission is to “send love, one box at a time”. 

With humility, I wanted to say that the brand started as an idea one night inspired by a seat-mate on a flight to LONDON.  He told me, create a website selling gifts since your name is Teddy, like, seriously! 

Since returning home to Canberra Australia, I have dedicated my time in creating the brand and business. From late night product research, suppliers, branding and learning to build a website just to mention a few of the things I've learned along the way.

The journey has been incredibly fun, full of learning and in some parts frustrating as I am always out of my depth. I had no prior experience doing this kind of thing! I have no background in graphics or website development and that in itself was both daunting and exciting at the same time. My professional background is being a registered nurse and with that, I can save a life, but creating a website is so hard!  However, google, YouTube and TikTok have been my source of information and inspiration.  

It feels so surreal looking at how it started to now writing this post, knowing that I have launched my website and business. I reflected on how life has its own way of denying you one dream only to be redirected to something that you never even thought of!

Welcome to LOVE IN A BOX TO YOU, we "send love, one box at a time". 

Send a personalised and adorable stuffed toy to your friends in Australia from our selection of cute plushies as gifts and love bundles.

Ready, set, SHOP!!!

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